HELO – You Have NEVER Seen Life-Sensing Technology Like This!

You Have NEVER Seen Life-Sensing Technology Like This!


HELO – The Most Advanced Wearable Technology in the World


Forget simple pedometers that merely count the number of calories burned, your daily steps, or the distance traveled.  What if you could:


  • take your own blood pressure or EKG and share results and trends with your doctor?


  • have an emergency alert sent to your spouse or a loved one if you stop breathing in your sleep?


  • monitor the health and wellness of aging parents who may live thousands of miles away?


With a single wrist band that communicates through your smart phone, NOW YOU CAN!

Coming in October, two unbelievable new apps will be added:


  • the ability to monitor your blood sugar without sticking your finger several times a day!


  • the ability to check your blood alcohol level before getting behind the wheel!


Curious?  Click the picture above to see a few short videos.

Interested?  You can order here or call Carolyn Miller for more information:  (303) 638-0088

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