Free Travel To Our Next Brick & Mortar Program

Free Travel to Our May 16-17, 2016                                                   Essential Competencies Program

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If you have plans to build a new franchise location but travel costs are keeping you from joining us at the National Franchise Institute in Denver, your luck is about to change!

Register now and we will waive the cost of your travel expenses!  Franchise Times visited our program in January — come join us to see what the buzz is all about!

For a limited time, the National Franchise Institute will waive the cost of your travel expenses to beautiful and sunny Denver so that you can join us at our upcoming brick and mortar program (Essential Competencies).

Up to $1,000 in travel expenses will be deducted from your registration fee when you register for the May 16-17, 2016 session!

When planning your trip, Denver’s new light rail system is up and running and local shuttles will give you door-to-door service to our program.  We have even negotiated preferred rates at national hotels.

It wouldn’t be right to extend this special offer to only out-of-state travelers!  If you live in Denver and would like to attend the Essential Competencies program in May, there are 500 good reasons for you to do so — namely a $500 discount!

If building a new location is on the horizon for you, this is the program that will get you open sooner, save you thousands of dollars in development costs – and now even a few extra dollars in travel expenses!

Simply call us at (303) LEADERS or REGISTER online by Wednesday, May 4th and be sure that we receive your preferred registration fee no later than Wednesday, May 11th.

The ideal timing for the Essential Competencies program is after a Franchise Agreement has been signed but before the search for real estate begins (and DEFINITELY before a lease is signed!).

Click below for a brochure about this program.  Sessions are limited to 25 people so reserve your spot today!

SEE A BROCHURE HERENational Franchise Institute – ESSENTIAL COMPETENCIES (Building Brick & Mortar Locations) – 2016

Click Here for Program Details, Pricing and to Register

Franchise Times’® Visit to the National Franchise Institute’s Essential Competencies Program

Franchise Times (March, 2016 Cover)Franchise Times’ Visit to the National Franchise Institute’s Essential Competencies Program

In late 2015, the National Franchise Institute spoke with Nancy Weingartner, editor at Franchise Times magazine.  As the premier publication dedicated to franchise-related content and resources, we were only too excited to share details about our Essential Competencies program and how it helps franchisees to successfully open new brick and mortar locations.  Imagine our surprise and excitement when Nancy asked if she could fly to Denver to attend our January Essential Competencies program!

                                                                                                         View the Franchise Times Article Here

Sounding the Alarm on Development Timelines for Franchised Locations

Sounding The Alarm on Development                                            Timelines for Franchised Locations

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAZ1AAAAJGM2MDYzODhiLTQxZTItNDc1ZS1iZDEzLTA4ZTQ5MTI2YWZiOAIf you are contemplating becoming a franchisee or you recently signed a Franchise Agreement, the question that is probably top of mind for you is ‘How long until I will be open for business’.

Depending on who you ask (and how you ask the question), the answer you receive will be different – sometimes very, very different.

It’s important for franchisees to be aware that the answer to this question is usually prefaced on a specific event such as ‘From the day a lease is executed, you should be open for business in X number of days’.

Is this an accurate answer? Yes – based on the way the question was asked and answered. The potential problem is that most prospective franchisees believe they are asking ‘How long from today (or from the date that I officially become a franchisee) until I am open for business?’ Without realizing the difference in how the question was asked and its impact on the overall development timeline, franchisees can find themselves in an ‘Oh, I thought….’ situation that can have huge financial ramifications.

When calculating the cost of going into business (i.e., the franchise fee, FF&E, site build-out costs, professional services and other expenses), franchisees ideally need to know how long from today it will be before their POS starts ringing in sales because only then will they be able to figure out if they have enough cash on hand to keep their wallet above the surface of the water until money actually starts coming in.

The Other Side of the Coin

So what is the potentially very, very different answer? Well, assuming you will be signing a Franchise Agreement in the next week, it will likely be 9-12 months until you are open for business. WHAT?!? How is that possible and why is no one telling me that? It’s because the 9-12 month timeframe, although accurate, feels like an eternity to new franchisees who quickly realize that they could easily run out of money (or have to borrow more) to bridge the gap from where they are today until they open for business. Not surprisingly, this extended timeframe causes many prospective franchisees to pause or even reconsider the decision to move forward.

What the ‘X number of days from lease execution’ doesn’t take into account is the amount of time it takes to get from the date they sign their Franchise Agreement until a lease is actually executed – and that’s the missing piece of the puzzle that can trip up new franchisees if they fail to ask the right question.

According to Vik Bangia with Minneapolis-based Verum Consulting, “I caution franchisee clients to be realistic when listening to claims regarding development timelines that cite 90 to 120 days as a good rule of thumb. This industry isn’t known to give prospective franchisees the appropriate disclaimers of ‘your mileage may vary’ or ‘results not typical’, thus many franchisees believe the most ideal, most aggressive timeline should apply to their business. When things don’t go as planned, they are often disappointed, not to mention financially over-extended. Everyone is much happier when the project comes in ahead of an expected, but realistic, deadline of 9-12 months.”

As I often say, “The franchise model is brilliant! Its success across countless industries leaves many people in awe of just what is possible when a proven business model is proved yet again.” With more than 7,500 franchise concepts in existence today, franchising is the fastest-growing method of conducting business in the world. It’s much easier for everyone to arrive at the same destination when they are using the same map and can easily acclimate themselves to the ‘You Are Here’ marker.

The National Franchise Institute Awards a Hand-Up Scholarship to Brewability Lab

The National Franchise Institute Awards a Hand-Up Scholarship to Brewability Lab

1279a9_fa9fee5b299a4f9ab6f7247bf56578eeBrewability Lab is a unique business that trains and employs adults with autism and developmental disabilities to work in a craft brewery!   As the first and only brewery to do this, Brewability Lab’s founder, Tiffany Fixter, is creating quite a buzz around town and getting more than her fair share of interest.

With a unique idea, a Business Plan, and excitement brewing (pun intended!), Tiffany raised $32,000.00 on Kickstarter.  The former Caution Brewing East  location (near I-70 and Peoria in Denver) was the perfect turn-key opportunity.  Tiffany purchased all of the equipment and is working hard to put the finishing touches on the first Brewability Lab which is scheduled to open this spring.

"I was originally introduced to Tiffany by Molly Berger, Executive Director of TiE Rockies," explains Carolyn Miller, Founder of the National Franchise Institute.  "Before actually speaking with Tiffany, I viewed the video on the Home page of Brewability Lab's website.  I instantly connected with her vision and wanted to help in any way I could.  It was very exciting to tell Tiffany about the Growth Strategies program and even more exciting to explain the Hand-Up Scholarship Program and present her with a scholarship to attend."

"The National Franchise Institute was a wealth of information packed into 2 days," said Tiffany.  "I made contacts with professionals who I would otherwise not have had the chance to meet or interact with!  I love that the class size was more personal and truly appreciate learning from the best!  I now feel I have a framework and understanding for the next steps in franchising.  Days after the class, I received many phone calls, emails and LinkedIn connections to presenters and professionals from the National Franchise Institute.  Thank you!  It's because of professionals like you and the Hand-Up Scholarship Program that help startups like Brewability Lab flourish."

On a special education teacher's salary, it's no surprise that additional funding is needed to support start-up costs.  If you have an interest in contributing to Brewability Lab, here is a link to Tiffany's Indiegogo In Demand campaign:     Tiffany can be reached via email at

At the National Franchise Institute, we couldn't be more happy for Tiffany and are so excited to welcome her as part of our alumni.  Cheers!

GolfTEC CEO Presents at the National Franchise Institute’s Growth Strategies Program


Joe Assell, CEO of GolfTEC, is a very busy man.  As the high-tech golf lesson leader with 700 employees, a quarter of a million clients, and more than $75 million in sales, Joe is regularly on the go visiting existing locations in the U.S. and internationally, working hard to continue growing the brand.  Joe still made time for the National Franchise Institute.

GolfTEC started out as an independent concept in 1995.  After successfully proving the model, franchising began in 2001.  Today, GolfTEC is focused on company-owned locations in the U.S. and franchise partners internationally.  With extensive knowledge on both sides of the fence, Joe’s ‘Growth Strategy Reflections’ presentation was a huge hit at our January 25-26 Growth Strategies program.

GolfTEC was created to help people play better golf.  As Joe explained during the program, the TEC in GolfTEC stands for Technique, Equipment and Conditioning.  With nearly 200 Centers in four countries, including more than 80 inside Golfsmith stores, it’s safe to say that Joe and his Team have figured out the secret code to playing better golf and successfully growing a brand.  Thank you, Joe, for being part of the National Franchise Institute and for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with newer entrepreneurs who will benefit greatly from your years of business excellence!

About the Growth Strategies Program

The Growth Strategies program, which details the pro’s and con’s of remaining an independent concept vs. pursuing the franchise model, walks entrepreneurs through various scenarios and gives real-world examples to help them make the most informed decisions for themselves, their families, and the  concept  they have created.

There are a lot of similarities between continuing to grow as all company-owned locations vs. choosing the franchise model.  Both options can have HUGE rewards, yet the differences are very distinct.  After explaining the differences between both options, we switch gears and provide details about the similarities so that roadmaps immediately begin to take shape, regardless of which option is chosen.

Over the course of two interactive days, business owners are up close and personal with our team of licensed attorneys, CPAs, lenders, insurance professionals and other business and franchise experts.  Nowhere else will you find a single source for getting key details about:

■ Corporate structure

■ Tax advantages/disadvantages

■ Business law, franchise law, trademark and copyright law

■ Evaluating growth strategies  (local, regional, national)

■ Funding options

■ And so much more!

This program will be presented in Denver again on Monday and Tuesday, April 25-26, 2016.  Additional details can be found on the National Franchise Institute’s website under the REGISTER tab.